Wednesday, August 16, 2017

TIPSeaTeacher batch 4


We spent our day 6 in the city. We had a city tour together with Sir.Yasser, buddies and SeaTeachers. We ate lunch together, we went to Forth Rotterdam, one of the historical places in Makassar this place is where the duchess planning their works during world war. I've learned a lot in that place I gained more knowledge about the history of Indonesia. We also went in Losari beach where the Pinisi boat port located we watched the sunset together while eating street foods in Makassar. We ate pisang epe and grilled sweetcorn with flavor. Pisang epe is a grilled banana and you will choose the flavor you want I chose original flavor it's sweet,tasty and delicious we also have like this in the Philippines and the sweet corn with flavor. It was a nice day for me because we had a memorable day again together. I also learned a lot.

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